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We promote fashion that is contemporary but inspired by our wonderful past, created locally for the world. Our products are designed to let you wear history and get the feel of being part of it. Our designs are inspired by the glorious past of the Maratha rulers, Shindes as they were called, now known as Scindias. Who brought with them elements of Deccani culture and mixed it with local culture of Central and North India to create a beautiful synthesis, full of colours, designs and remarkable vivacity. We take our motifs from the home of Scindias the Jai Vilas Palace, their city Gwalior and their culture Maratha. Our products are designed by imaginative and perceptive designers, come take a bit of Gwalior with you welcome to Aaranya.

Tue ‒ Sun: 10 AM ‒ 06 PM

Indian National: ₹ 300
Foreign Nationals: ₹ 850

Jai Vilas Palace Lashkar, Gwalior,
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